Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great teachers - Burt Barnes

Burt Barnes is truly a 'teacher of teachers.'

These photos are from October 2006. Thanks to Toni H. for the photos.

Great teacher - Dorothy Blanchard

Dorothy Blanchard of Ypsilanti has introduced thousands of kids to frogs, snakes, and other creatures of our Michigan woods and waters.

These photos are from a workshop in April, 2005.

Morenci High School club boosts water quality

On Earth Day, 2008, the Green Earth Club of Morenci High School (GECKOs) cleaned up a local stream and a park. They are part of Bean/Tiffin Watershed Coalition and live near Morenci, Michigan, on a tributary of the Maumee River.

See their photos at

Some of these young people have been helping the creek since 2004. See their poetry and more photos at

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

from Florida - a Middle School garden on YouTube

I've made an exception to our usual Michigan focus, to highlight a video of a butterfly garden at Lyons Creek Middle School, Coconut Creek (Broward County) Florida.