Sunday, March 14, 2010

pollinators in gardens simply more interesting

Here's a great quote on gardening with pollinators in mind:

“It is the gardeners of the world who can open their gardens to the pollinator refugees, who can provide temporary or permanent shelter until humans refine our outlook on the natural world.

By actively sheltering pollinators, we gardeners remind ourselves that we have the power to positively overcome some of the humankind's more destructive tendencies.

Additionally, our gardens provide a teaching laboratory for young children to connect with an ever-vanishing natural environment.

Our gardens might provide a network of urban and suburban biological corridors that link more protected sites and allow pollinators to move freely from one natural area via our gardens to other natural areas.

And finally, all lofty, Earth-saving notions aside, you might wish to encourage pollinators in your gardens simply because they are more interesting than any television show you can imagine.”

Eric Grissell, author of Insects and Gardens

Thanks to Janet Allen for sharing this quote.