Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buzzing the Hive - Introducing Kids to Honeybees

Buzzing the Hive
2:00 PM Sunday May 31, 2009
at the Eddy Discovery Center

Children and adults will enjoy this fascinating look into the lives of honeybees with educator and beekeeper Jane Levy. Observe an actual hive, and learn how the bees build the hive and work together to make honey.

Parts of this experience will include an 8 minute movie showing the capture of a swarm of bees in front of the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum (Once Upon a Swarm), a PowerPoint presentation about bees and beekeeping, and a chance to make a model of a bee to take away with you. Participants will learn about the importance of honey bees as pollinators for much of our food. They can try on a full beekeepers protective suit and taste the sweet honey from a local hive.

The Eddy Discovery Center is located at 17030 Bush Road 48118, between Pierce and McClure roads in Chelsea, Michigan. Take I-94 to exit 157 (Pierce Road) and go north to Bush Road. Take Bush Road west to the center.

This event is sponsored by the Waterloo Natural History Assn. For more information, phone (734) 475-3170.

Photo by Jane Levy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Detroit School wins grant for pollinator garden

The Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School in Detroit has won a grant for Fly, Baby, Fly!:

This project will create a safe haven for butterflies to return to an urban area, bringing excitement, pollination, and enjoyment by students and community members alike.

Designed and maintained by students, it will become part of an outdoor learning environment for all children in this neighborhood school.

The grant was awarded by Monarch Live.

This school is featured in the PBS documentary, Where to the Children Play.

Photo by Connie Bank, The Garden Tutor.