Tuesday, July 29, 2008

STEPS for Kids at Pine Lake Village Co-op

Steps For Kids is a small nonprofit organization whose goals are grade school educational support and environmental education. It is based in Ann Arbor on the grounds of Pine Lake Village Co-op, but all activities are open to friends and neighbors. We are all volunteers; we have no paid staff.

These are pictures from late May, at which about 25 adults and children volunteered to pick up trash, plant native plants, and pull weeds around a freshwater pond. Everyone had a great time on a beautiful day with the rare opportunity to be inside the fence. Fishing for trash with little nets was the favorite activity of many kids. We've since had two more volunteer work days, and mid-summer pictures follow soon.

Please visit www.stepsforkids.org to see more of our activities, and to see how you can help us by donating gardening tools and supplies, your own time and skills, or much needed financial assistance.

(photos and write-up from Steps for Kids volunteers.)

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